Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big Changes for Artsville Open Mic

Monthly event gets new venue, new name

Beginning Monday May 4, Artsville Open Mic--the monthly songwriting competition presented by the concert series, Artsville--will take place at the new Crema Coffee Bar at 136 W Carolina Avenue in Hartsville. Artsville is also renaming the event “The Artsville Songwriting Competition”, or “ASC”.
Artsville announced the major changes to their longest running event via their website on Tuesday. According to the official announcement, the venue change was “a mutual agreement” between Artsville Executive Director and Founder, Dylan Sneed and Suzanne Galloway, owner of The Midnight Rooster, which had hosted the event since its inception in 2011. Sneed said, “I'm confident The [Midnight] Rooster will remain our friend even as we move in a different direction. In my view it is impossible to overstate the cultural impact this business has had on our community.”
In 2012 Artsville changed the format of the Open Mic to a monthly songwriting competition which fed into the annual Artsville Songwriting Competition in November. “We realized that the two events were in effect part of one, big year-long event. We’re hoping the name change will help audiences and performers make the connection.” The annual November event will now become “The Finals” of ASC.
The guidelines and format of the monthly event will remain the same. Songwriters must sing their original compositions and pay a $5 entry fee, which is used to fund the monthly cash prize. For complete details, visit

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